About us

A more fair Yukon for everybody

We are a small group of volunteers who get together when we can and make editorial decisions by consensus.

Whitewash News started as a purely satirical news site with a good dose of truth.


Since late 2020, in response to reader ideas, we started doing non-satirical factual news stories also.

Why do we do what we do?

We live in an extremely wealthy part of Canada where goings on are largely hidden from the rest of the country.

The gap between the rich and poor in the territory is massive and getting worse over time. 

Corruption in the territory is rife. 

The majority of Yukoners either work for government or rely on government support.


As a result, even for the minority of people who don't rely on government money at all, everything is political.

Yukon politicians and their beneficiaries often do what they want in the face of public opposition because they know they can get away with it. 

This weird reality makes it impossible for Yukoners to speak out, even when we want to scream.

Speaking out means losing out on a promotion, customer, commission, gig, contract, or funding.

It can also mean a cold shoulder. 

So how do we hold accountable those with the power to shape our lives and communities?

The level of real investigative journalism in the Yukon is nowhere near enough what a healthy society needs.


The CBC and others do not have the budget to compete with the elite and the powerful.

That's where you come in.

Submit a story idea, opinion, letter or documents of public interest.


We work with you and never reveal your identity unless you explicitly ask us to.


Note: We no longer accept full story submissions. We found that we didn't have the resources to collaborate and edit with the reader/writers.



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