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Why we don't advertise

While we are very appreciative of the offers to advertise with us, we have made the decision to not feature any advertising on our site. 

We gave serious consideration to this opportunity.

Ultimately, while it would have been great to be able to provide pay to our volunteer writers, researchers, graphic designers and tech-types in addition to expanding our offerings, a vote led to the decision that accepting paid advertising would have a negative impact on our ability to remain impartial. 

Most media outlets in the Yukon rely completely on advertising in order to exist. These outlets are inherently conflicted between impartial editorial decisions and the need to not piss off their advertisers.

This is especially true of media outlets that rely heavily on government advertising in order to survive. 

We will be revisiting our policy on advertising in the future and will consider all suggestions on how we could accept paid adverts whilst also remaining impartial. 



Journalism is an act, not a profession.

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