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Cobalt Construction named as new Department of Highways and Public Works

WHITEHORSE - Shock announcement a shock to everyone, especially Jerry

Minister for Highways and Public Works Richard Mostyn at a press conference in Whitehorse on Friday afternoon (Insert: Mostyn's departmental Facebook page)

On Friday afternoon, Yukon's Minister for Highways and Public Works Richard Mostyn announced on Facebook that he was transferring his responsibilities to Cobalt Construction, a private construction company based in Whitehorse.

The sudden and unprecedented move came as a shock to "Jerry," a project manager at Cobalt Construction whom Mostyn has named as his replacement.

"I honestly had no idea this was coming" Jerry told the Whitewash News over a phone call. "This has floored me. I have a million questions including how I'm going to manage an entire government department and if I will be getting the same salary as Minister Mostyn."

"I had no idea this was coming." - Jerry, Cobalt Construction

Mostyn told media gathered in Downtown Whitehorse that he made the decision "in the moment" and that it was a result of the intense criticism he has received for the extremely dangerous Alaska Highway reconstruction project underway between Two-Mile Hill and Robert Service Highway.

"I'm sick and tired of the meanies on Facebook criticizing my performance" Mostyn said. "It's not fair. I know better than everyone so why should I have to listen to anyone?"

This is the second time in five months that Mostyn has lashed out at voters. In April, he told Whitehorse residents to go f**k themselves" after he and Mountainview MLA Jeanie Dendys broke their election promise to not build the highway.

The Alaska Highway reconstruction project was widely opposed by Yukoners on the basis that it would decrease road safety, increase serious collisions, and roll back years of progress on climate change initiatives.

Despite the overwhelming opposition, the project was approved by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Board Assessment Board, a decision-making body controlled by the Liberal Party that does not consider public opposition or safety factors when making its recommendations.

Minister Jerry?

It remains unclear if there is a legislative mechanism in place to transfer political power over a government department to a private individual, specifically without the consideration and consent of that individual.

A spokesperson for Yukon Premier Sandy Silver said he was not immediately available for comment but that he would "read something from a pre-prepared a script next week."


Editors' note: This story was published in the 'Satire' section of our website. It is inspired by real news and based on true facts as per the links provided.

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