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Yukon issues 'special' decals for Americans

WHITEHORSE - American tourists can do whatever they like

The American vehicle decal released by the Yukon Government on July 24 (Image: YG)

On Friday afternoon, Yukon Premier Sandy Silver issued a public statement to announce that from July 27, special vehicle decals would be issued to American tourists traveling into the territory. According to the statement, the decals will let residents know that Americans have permission to do "whatever the f**k they like" while visiting the Yukon.

"American tourists can do whatever the f**k they like." - Yukon Premier Sandy Silver

"We pay enforcement officers to enforce our COVID-19 laws and help keep Yukoners safe" Silver said "so naturally we instruct them to use education, not enforcement, when they encounter people from high-risk countries breaking those laws."

Silver went on to say that America has "handled the pandemic in an exemplary fashion" and that "education has been a major part of that success."

Since Yukon's Civil Emergency Measures Act came into effect on March 27, thousands of Americans have been allowed to enter the territory on the strict condition that they transit through within 24 hours.

Having been informed of the COVID-19 laws at the border, many Americans are choosing to ignore them and are deciding instead to enjoy bars, restaurants, campsites, visitor centres, shopping, fishing, mountain biking and other tourism activities across the territory.

There have been hundreds of reports shared on social media that describe American tourists exploring Downtown Whitehorse, despite being informed (for the second time) at a soft checkpoint on the edge of Downtown that they are not allowed in.

Silver said he is aware that Americans are flouting the law and jeopardizing public health, but that his government will continue to resist calls to implement a simple and cost-effective 'clock-in, clock-out' system at the borders.

"We hope that by issuing these America decals" Silver said "Yukoners will finally get it that we don't mean what we say when it comes to safeguarding public health."

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