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Stand up. Speak out. Reward the brave.


"Look out the window. Look at what the people are saying." - Christine Genier

A citizen of the Táän Kwách'än Council, Christine Genier is a woman of the Wolf Clan descended from the Tagish Chän, coastal Tlingit, and European people. 

On June 12, Christine Genier put courage before comfort and issued a public statement calling out the mainstream media for its complicity in the oppression of Black and Indigenous Voices in our country.

The powerful and beautifully written statement can be read here.

Christine Genier is a leader who is willing to upend her life in pursuit of a better and more fair society. For all of us.

It's not enough to tell this Wolf Clan leader that she is brave or courageous or strong. These words are easy and cost nothing.

It's time to make ourselves uncomfortable and to stand up, speak out and reward the brave.

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