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Trump "thumbs up" for Premier Silver (Video)

Yukon Premier earns praise from US President

US President Donald Trump gives thumbs-up to Yukon Premier for treatment of media

In an astonishing display of condescension on Wednesday afternoon, Yukon Premier Sandy Silver answered a reporter's question with what could very well be one of the worst pre-prepared answers in the history of Canadian politics.

During a live video stream of a Yukon Government COVID-19 update, Silver was asked by CKRW reporter John Kennedy if he would reopen or recall the Yukon legislature now that it is safe to do so.

In response, Silver gave a 45-second long answer that danced around the question so much that the reporters on the line forgot what the question was. At the end of Silver's answer, the government moderator quickly moved along to the next reporter.

For months, Silver has succeeded in avoiding accountability by dodging questions related to the reopening of the legislature.

Yukon's chief medical Officer Dr. Brendan Hanley has refused to comment on the situation for fear of reprisals from Silver who has the authority to fire him.

While Silver's disdain for the media and accountability has angered Yukon's public and opposition parties, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday night to praise Silver for his behaviour calling it a "tremendous display."

Trump also seemed to suggest that Silver was right to treat the media "like dirt" and that he would support Silver in a run for the governorship in Alaska.

At one point during the live stream, Silver forgot that he was Minister of Finance. When asked about the fiscal impact of COVID-19, he said he would "leave it to the department" to discuss. The Department of Finance takes its direction from Silver.

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