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Yukon now open to Alaskans

WHITEHORSE - Rules for Americans are not enforced

At a media event on Wednesday, Minister of Community Services John Streicker, who is responsible for COVID-19 border controls and enforcement of rules for visitors to the territory, explained to reporters why rules put in place to protect Yukoners are not being enforced.

Under the Yukon's Civil Emergency Measures Act, American visitors entering the territory must declare where they intend to go, confirm they have no symptoms of COVID-19, agree to stay in the Yukon for no more than 24 hours and agree to not go into communities.

Since the Act came into effect on March 27, hundreds of Americans, most of them driving with Alaskan license plates, have been seen in stores, restaurants, bars, campsites and fishing spots throughout the Yukon's communities. This is because the Yukon Government has no enforcement in place and breaking the rules is easy.

Despite having the data on exactly how many Americans are entering the territory on a daily basis, and how many are leaving as required within 24 hours, the Yukon Government and its chief medical officer have refused to share the figures.

The only explanation Streicker has offered to date is that the Americans "may be providing essential service." This explanation makes no sense given that Streicker knows exactly whether or not American essential workers have been given permission to work in the territory.

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